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Tips to start your career in Blogging

As you might have read the title I'll,give you five basic tips to start your career as a blogger. So without any delay,let's get started.


So the number one point would be starting your own website,now I know there are many blogging platforms that offer free space for writing like Tumblr,,Wordpress, and many more but I would suggest create your own website, host,your domain so that it is completely under your control if you want to start,monetizing from it and also the URL if you want the URL to be of your choice,then you have your own website and you have more freedom to style it according,to your own taste.


The second most important part is understanding and,knowing your content. There are many cases and even I am one of them when you don't,know what particular niche of content you want to write for.


In that case, you,make different categories in your blog and just write whatever you have in your,mind but make sure that when you start writing you have content ready for next,few weeks or next few days so that you post consistent content.


Consistency,is a very important aspect when you start,professional blogging. It might be difficult to maintain but in the initial,days I would suggest that you post consistent content so that your audience,knows when your post is going to be out and they make sure to read it.


The,third important aspect is not just simply narrating stories but,understanding how your post or how your blog can help your readers, providing tips,,tricks, or tutorials or itineraries if you're a travel blogger or,something motivational. If you are providing some kind,help to the audience they are more likely to come back to your blog again,and read your content if it helps them.


If it is just narrating stories it is still fine,but I would say that is more for personal blogging or maintaining a personal,journal kind of thing but the readers should be able to use,information that you provide.


The fourth aspect is reading existing blog posts,Now I know that you are sure that you write good content and I'm sure that you do,write good content that's why you started thinking of being a blogger. But reading other's,content would help you understand what kind of content readers look for and how,you should style your content in the way that matches your personality.


You will,understand how to divide your content in logical sections so that they're easy to,read and easy to grasp rather than looking all through the blog and these,things you will learn as and when you read more content. That will help you,get an idea of how you arrange your content.


The last and again one of,the most important aspect is reaching out your target readers our audience. Now,for that you need to share your post or market your post through as many channels as,possible because there are many many many posts that are published, many many articles that are written,on a single day and to push your post to the highest level,apart from the technicalities involved that I'll discuss in another vlog you can,start with sharing your posts with as many people as possible so that the rating,is improved and you get more audience in return.


These are the basic steps to get,you started your career but there are many aspects involved once you start blogging,like monetizing your blog, analyzing your blog and the audience and improving,the SEO of your content. These things will come eventually once you have a basic setup,ready and I will discuss these tips in another post but for now - yeah,follow these five steps and you are good to go and all the best. Good luck with your new blog.


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